Let me start out by saying that I was pretty skeptical of the idea of someone I didn’t know being my “birth coach.” That was a job for your husband, or mother, or at the very least a nurse in the hospital. Boy, was I wrong. After consulting many new moms about what actually happens during the birth process, I knew I would need the help of a trained professional. Brooke provides the exact combination of medical background and perfect advocate that any woman needs. She had a calm, but very reassuring demeanor, and she can really help guide you in a very stressful, confusing situation.

I decided to go drug-free, mainly for my fear of needles, and Brooke helped me reach that goal. I was in labor for over three days, and she was a constant for me to the bitter end, which happened to be at 2 am.

My husband also felt like she gave him the direction he needed, and frankly wanted, while I was “busy.” I think he has probably recommended Brooke to more people than I have at this point, and frequently compares her to saints and other holy entities on the regular. I would, and frequently do, recommend Brooke to anyone expecting so if she happens to available on your due date you should immediately hire her – she will make the whole experience better for you and your entire family.

Monica Russell

Posted 8/17/2016